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Get your Bible Drills, Bible Study Lessons, Sunday School Resources, and more. Your life as a teacher can be easier with these outlined lessons that contain open-ended discussion questions to use with your study group for any age.

Your lesson preparation and study is simplified with:

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  • Focus on the meaning of God's Word.

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You get a lot more than Bible Drills here.  Take a look around and find teaching tips, templates for use in your classroom, and nifty ideas to share the Good News of Jesus! There's even an opportunity for you to ask questions and suggest lesson ideas.

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Take The Mission Seriously

The Holy Bible encourages us to not only study God's Word, but to also Spread the Gospel to all the world.  One way you can take that mission seriously is to find a way to support ministries in need of your help with labor and finances. invites you to consider providing your support to Casas por Cristo.  This is a ministry that builds homes for people in Mexico, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.  With the help of a Casas por Cristo missionary, your group can participate in the home building process.

Note of Full Disclosure: Seth and Traci Brooks are Casas por Cristo missionaries related to the primary author of this site.