The ministry of Jesus Christ covers a multitude of topics that can't possibly be discussed in one meeting. However, it is clear that Jesus interests were in teaching men how to please God, worship God, and serve others. His ministry rescues mankind from the snares of of legalistic doctrines set up by religious leaders of the time. The preaching of Christ rescues mankind from the great fall of Adam. Jesus gives clear instructions about how man is appointed to deliver the Gospel to all men so that those who accept will have eternal life with Him. Read and listen to just a few teachings of Jesus Christ and consider how these are meant to be applied to your life in modern times.


Jesus Explains His Purpose
Luke 4:40-44

Jesus Preaches in Nazareth
Mark 6:1-6

Jesus Has Dinner with Sinners
Luke 5:29-32

Jesus Casts out Demons
Luke 4:31-37

Jesus Teaches Us to Pray
Matthew 6:5-15

Jesus Teaches about Being a Servant
Mark 9:33-41

Jesus Teaches about the Sabbath
Luke 6:1-5

Jesus Teaches Models Our Relationship with Children
Mark 10:13-16

Jesus Teaches about the Perils of Faith in Wealth
Mark 10:17-27

Jesus Heals the Sick
John 4:46-54

Jesus Talks about the Rewards of Heaven
Mark 10:28-31

Instruction, Salvation, Miracles, Healing, Service, Worship, and Prayer were all just a part of Jesus Ministry to mankind. In what part of His ministry are you actively engaged? What part of His ministry needs to have a larger role in your day-to-day living and work?