Frequently Asked Questions

How much is membership?
Bible Drill Sheets is a membership site. Your access to site content depends on your membership package. The latest pricing and membership structure can be reviewed on the Membership Registration Page.

What denominational philosophy do you support?
We are non-denominational. The Bible is for everyone in every status of life.  We hope that these efforts bring someone into the salvation of Jesus Christ.

You mention Winds of Peace Fellowship as a church that inspired this site. What type of church is Winds of Peace Fellowship?
Winds of Peace Fellowship is a non-denominational church located in Dawsonville, Ga.  Winds of Peace Fellowship uses the content of this site in some of their classes.  However, this site is produced independent of Winds of Peace Fellowship.

What if I disagree with what you say?
We try to use valid exegetical practice when sharing scripture. If we make a blunder, please forgive us and let us know where we messed up.

Why do the outlines for Bible Huddles mostly include questions and very little commentary?
First, let me assure you it's not because we are being slothful.  Our reason for asking the questions is that we want you to learn some things for yourself by hearing from the Holy Spirit.  We take a somewhat inductive study approach and expect the reader to do some prayerful thinking. There is rare commentary that can bring personal change without the Holy Spirit of God at work as you study and talk.   Our prayer is that God speaks through the text and not man.